In and around Cochran, Eastman, and Hawkinsville in Georgia, USA. and the whole world.

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Georgia Towns

Hawkinsville Cochran

Healing smells
Several years ago I had a hard day, doing what I do for a living,
Things did not go as I had wished for all that day. When the work day was finally over, I felt exhausted in body and frustrated in mind. On top of the bad day, I had to drive forty miles over narrow country roads from Cordele to get to my home in Cochran. The bad day was bothering me, and the long drive was bothering me more.
It was peanut harvest time in our part of Georgia, and between Cordele and Hawkinsville, I got behind a loaded peanut wagon. Because I did not find a safe place to pass, I followed it for several miles. When the driver finally turned off the main road, I realized that I no longer felt frustrated and tired.

This is an election year.
Knowing the fickle mind of men, I wonder why anyone would run for public office. I know people who left good jobs that had an excellent future to run for an office that only offered a future of 4 years or less. I wondered about their reasons. Do they want to see how popular they are in the minds of their peers, or is it the feeling of power that they get from the office they want to hold. I would hope that their reasons would fit somewhere in the middle of “wanting to serve”.
I know for sure politicians want to be popular. Some are even willing to compromise their convictions to be so.,,